Reception – Mole Class

Miss Kate Gardner
Teacher & Early Years Leader


Ms Ann-Marie Norman

Teaching Partner

Mrs Jenny Walsgrove

Teaching Partner

Welcome to Mole Class, where learning is fun!

We learn through a range of adult-directed and child-initiated activities.  Our curriculum is well balanced and we make the most of our large outdoor learning area.

What our families say about us

Max the Mole

Max loves coming home to children’s homes for a visit and he always brings his diary!

Art in Mole Class

Mole Class recently visited the West Ox Art Gallery to see their Arts Week collection.  We saw lots of amazing 2D and 3D art!  We particulary enjoyed the flower paintings, as we have been looking at a variety of artists who paint flowers this term.  We created our own floral paintings in the style of famous painters including Vincent van Gogh & Georgia O’Keeffe.  We also had a go at designing and making our own flower tiles using clay.

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