Reception – Mole Class

Miss Kate Gardner
Teacher & Early Years Leader


Ms Ann-Marie Norman
Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Mole Class, where learning is fun!  We learn through a range of adult-directed and child-initiated activities.  Our curriculum is well balanced and we make the most of our large outdoor learning area.

EYFS Vision

In our Reception Class, this means we put children at the centre of all that we do by:


                         Providing a challenging, creative and inspiring Curriculum which sparks a love for learning

                                                           Ensuring everyone feels Happy, safe and secure

                                                                                    Teaching Independence

                                                      Valuing indoor and outdoor Learning equally

                                                                                                  Developing social skills and risk taking

                                                                      Building positive Relationships between staff, children and families

                                                      Focusing on child-centred, Enquiry based learning which promotes awe and wonder

                                                                                                Nurturing self -confidence and celebrating successes

Morris the Mole

Morris the Mole comes to visit all the children in our class and he always remembers to bring his diary.

Parent Feedback

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