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Latest Ofsted Report – January 2023 

10256375 – Bampton CofE Primary – 142140 – Final

Covering letter from CEO of ODST    230221 BMP Ofsted ltr – parents carers

Covering letter from Headteacher  Covering Letter to Parents 21.02.23

Pupils thrive because of the high ambitions that radiate throughout the school.
Classrooms are joyful and energetic places to be. Pupils show excitement and
curiosity in their learning and are not afraid to try new things. Their resilience and
confidence underpin the positive learning behaviours that they have.

In lessons, pupils understand what their teachers and teaching partners expect of
them. Behaviour in the classroom is positive, and creates a calm and purposeful

Leaders have ensured that all pupils have a strong start at Bampton CofE Primary
School. Leaders have thought carefully about the knowledge their pupils need and
when they need to learn it. Overall, there is a well-designed curriculum from Nursery
onwards which aims to prepare pupils for their next steps as they progress through
their education.

Pupils love to learn in this school. Their enthusiasm is clear to see and reflected in
the positive way that they behave in lessons. Pupils’ behaviour supports learning
very well. On the whole, all pupils, including those with SEND, fully gain the
knowledge that their teachers intend them to learn. The strong culture and provision
for pupils with SEND mean that successful adaptations are in place to ensure
achievement for all.

In Nursery and Reception, staff are highly knowledgeable about the early years
framework. They take every opportunity during the school day to talk to children
and to develop their knowledge and vocabulary. Staff plan learning activities
carefully, based on what they know children need to learn next. This highly effective
planning means there are no limits to what children can achieve.


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