British Values

All schools have a responsibility “to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”


We have a School Council to which members are voted in each year by their classmates. Children understand that a place on the School Council comes with the responsibility of representing their peers’ needs and interests. We encourage children to be leaders throughout the school and we have a number of activities and responsibilities that are undertaken by the children. For example, we have Book Ambassadors, Play Leaders and Sports Leaders for our extra-curricular sporting clubs.

Democracy is not just taught but actioned in our school – peers decide on competition winners, fundraising activities and charities are put to School Council – even our school menus are scrutinised by the School Council before being agreed!

The Rule of Law

We believe it is important that children know what is expected of them, why rules are so important, and what the consequences are if they do not follow them.

Our three agreed core values create our ethos and code of conduct 3 school Rules 2019

When conflict arises between children we help guide them through the resolution process. They understand that staff will investigate causes of conflict or rule breaking, and consult with children’s peers if necessary. Children are involved in the process and encouraged to develop language and strategies to solve conflict and right wrongs.  Being engaged through to resolution ensures our children not only know the consequences of not following rules, but understand how and why rules are enforced. The close working relationship ad support of the local PCSO is fundamental in reinforcing consistent messages about the rule of law.


Individual Liberty

We promote freedom of choice and the right to respectfully express views and beliefs in a safe, supportive environment.

From the earliest stages of their education, in Early Years and Foundation Stage where the children have the opportunity to choose learning activity, children have opportunity to influence their learning experience throughout the school.

Children have the opportunity to take up specific roles and responsibilities within the school. They plan and deliver assemblies and activities, and can choose to join clubs and groups – many of which develop their social responsibilities and personal skills.

Our children are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are taught how to exercise these safely, such as in through PSHE lessons, E-Safety and  anti-bullying focus weeks.

Mutual Respect

Our school ethos and behaviour policy has its foundation in our Christian Values and our core values of Respect, Friendship and Perseverance.

The children and all staff understand our values and adopt a “Growth Mindset” that encourages everyone to achieve to their highest ability.  Assemblies are planned to link with our school, Christian and British Values. We celebrate Christian, multicultural/faith festivals. Our Friday celebration assemblies provide an opportunity to celebrate hard work, perseverance and resilience. Learning and effort are highly respected across the school.

Our ethos encourages children to see everyone as equal, to begin to understand and challenge prejudice in all forms, and to celebrate similarities and differences. Staff have attended the Global Learning Programme training and as a school we seek to ensure we do not present single stories about cultures, people or places.

This foundation of mutual respect is also reiterated through our zero tolerance approach to bullying, supported by our policy and specific work during National Anti-Bullying Week and on-going work throughout the curriculum to broaden our children’s appreciation of their actions and of different peoples’ lives and experiences.

Our children are encouraged to take a responsible role in our wider community and beyond. For example, we work hard to forge links with other schools through the Burford Partnership and our Multi-Academy Trust networks. Our children often visit the local care home and Bush Club Social group.Our School Council attends the village Remembrance Service each year to pay respects and lay a wreath on behalf of our school.

As a church school we offer hope and joy to the local community through hosting and contributing to many seasonal festivals and community events.

Tolerance for different Faiths and Beliefs: 

Bampton CE Primary School and Nursery is a community with many Christian families however the school recognises the importance of teaching our children mutual respect and tolerance for those of different or of no faith.

Our Religious Education Programme conforms to the agreed syllabus from the local authority, and is based on developing both knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other faiths, but also challenges children to ask and answer exploratory questions around faith issues. We strive to make our RE teaching interesting and pertinent to the children’s lives and complement it with activities, visiting speakers and trips which makes it real and tangible for the children as well as consolidating their knowledge and understanding.

We are also aware that we are part of a larger culturally diverse society and give them opportunities to experience such diversity through workshop events and whole-school assemblies to celebrate and learn about religious festivals that happen throughout the school year.

We recognise our duty to prepare children for life in modern Britain, in which living as a global citizen in the twenty first century, means they need to understand, appreciate and celebrate our differences, whilst understanding what makes us all the same.