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Units of work have been selected from the PlanIt range and are often linked with wider topic learning in order to provide opportunities for children to learn new skills as well as respond creatively to the world around them. Children are taught to use sketch books to explore techniques and capture initial ideas. Planning includes the explicit teaching of skills and the opportunities for children to practise and apply these skills in a range of contexts and when working with different media.

In May the school has an ARTS WEEK focus during the statutory assessment period to allow a focus on creativity during this busy time. The children visit the West Ox Arts gallery to see work by a range of artists.

You can read more about our curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact for this subject in these documents:

Art & Design I, I, I statement

A&D Long-Term Plan & Progression of Skills (1)

Assessments are made for each child against the learning objectives for the units of work which relate to National Curriculum expectations.