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Welcome to Otter Class page! We are a mixed Year 4/5 class, Mrs Cartwright is our class teacher and we are also very lucky to have Mrs Shuttleworth supporting our learning!

In Otters Class we enjoy the challenges of the curriculum, but also aim to develop our skills as independent learners. This year we are going to be developing our ability to question, and learn through making mistakes with confidence.

Our Learning

Otters Long Term Planning

Term 1

During Term 1 our topic of “Crime and Punishment” will allow us to consider how society has changed over time, and how we fit into today’s global community.

Our learning will be challenging, practical and we hope that it will be enjoyable too!

For more information and detail on what we will be learning please see our planning and topic webs below:

Otters Medium Term Plan Term 1

Crime and Punishment Topic Web

Term 2

During Term 2 our topic of ‘Crime and Punishment’ will continue alongside some seasonal Christmas festivities!

Otters Medium Term Plan Term 2

Crime and Punishment Topic Web

Term 3

Our topic throughout Term 3 will be ‘China’ we have a geography focus this term and will be comparing and contrasting of life in Bampton with life in Beijing!

Otters Medium Term Plan Term 3

China Topic Web

Term 4

Throughout Term 4 we will be continuing our topic on ‘China’.

Otters Medium Term Plan Term 4

China continued Topic Web


Targets in Year 4 & Year 5

As you will be aware we measure the progress children make throughout the year using Target Tracker. Please click here is you wish to view the expectations for children in Year 4 & Year 5 by the end of the academic year for the core subjects.

Storytelling in Term 1

This term we have started off our English lessons with the ancient Japanese story ‘Who is the Thief’.

Learning to Retell or ‘Immitate’ the Story

We have been working hard to learn to retell the story ourselves.  We use the following techniques to do this:

*Hear the story – As a whole class we listened to the original story being told.

*Map the story – We chose pictures that reminded us of key elements of the story and drew these onto a story map.

*Step the story – We imagine there are 10 stepping stones available to cross a deep river, as we step across onto each stone we create an action and say just one word that represents the 10 key moments in the story. By the time we reach the other side the story has been ‘stepped’ out in actions and single words. See some pictures of our steps below:

dscf0867 dscf0866

dscf0869 dscf0865

Deepening our knowledge and Understanding of the Story

To deepen our knowledge of the story and develop our understanding of the plot we have been focusing on the main characters: the baker, the judge and the thief.

We have created character profiles for each individual, carefully thinking about their strengths, weaknesses, motivations and emotions (See examples below) to investigate what causes them to behave in the way that they do in the story?

dscf0870 dscf0871

We have participated in hot-seating characters in order to both, ask them questions and take turns at becoming the characters ourselves.

Finally we broke the story down into key moments and in groups we used these to each create a haiku (14 word poem) for our key moment. These poems were then performed to the class in order to retell the whole narrative in the form of poetry. Please listen to our performance by clicking the link below; we are very proud of our work!

Recreating or ‘Innovating’ the Original Story

Coming soon! This is still a work in progress…!

Crime Scene Investigation

As part of our topic ‘Crime and Punishment’ Years 4, 5 & 6 took part in a CSI style workshop. Throughout the day the children developed their awareness of working scientifically through a series of Forensic Science applications, processes and techniques; using authentic equipment used at a Crime Scene Investigation.

A fantastic introduction to Forensic Science, the Criminal Justice System and Online Internet Safety issues (CEOP) that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

To find out more and view of gallery click here!

Contact us by email:

Mrs Cartwright: scar0410@bampton.oxon.sch.uk




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Year 2 SATs Assessments throughout May

Year 2 SATs Assessments throughout May
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Year 6 SATs WEEK
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Year 6 SATs WEEK

Year 6 SATs WEEK
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Year 6 SATs WEEK

Year 6 SATs WEEK
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Year 6 SATs WEEK

Year 6 SATs WEEK
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Term 5 ends @ 3:15pm
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Upcoming Events
  • 26 May 2017 – Term 5 ends @ 3:15pm
  • 5 June 2017 – INSET DAY
  • 6 June 2017 – Term 6 starts @ 8:45am
  • 9 June 2017 – Year 5 Enrichment Day @ Burford School
  • 12 June 2017 – Year 1 Phonics Screening Week
  • 16 June 2017 – Year 5 Enrichment Day @ Burford School
  • 3 July 2017 – Carterton CC Enrichment (Yr TBC)
  • 4 July 2017 – Carterton CC Enrichment (Yr TBC)
  • 5 July 2017 – Carterton CC Enrichment (Yr TBC)
  • 6 July 2017 – Carterton CC Yr6 Induction Day
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