Due to kind donations received from Bampton Welfare trust and Rosebank Care Home we have been able to purchase some wooden building blocks and a storage shed to enhance our playtimes.


Thank you to my helpers who unpacked the boxes and Mr Pearce for building the shed.

Congratulations to Holly our KS1 runner up and Eddie our KS2 winner.


Thank you to the members of Carterton Lions who came to present the prizes.

Congratulations to the team who represented our school at the Burford Partnership Tag Rugby tournament yesterday. They came first! Great effort everyone- well done.

Wednesday 11th January

I arrived at the Pioneer Centre to find the children already engaged in their first group activity. I joined Mr Warner’s group who were busily engaged in Initiative Games, including ones which involved mathematical reasoning. Cooperative working, sharing ideas and listening to others were very evident as the group worked enthusiastically to solve practical problems (including “Bomb” Disposal!).

We then headed for the High Ropes where I joined the children in facing a personal challenge- how high were we going to be able to go? The children had already tried a physical challenge at height earlier in the week and so some were feeling confident of reaching the top and others keen to improve on things they found challenging. We all set ourselves goals and it was lovely to see the group supporting, encouraging and praising each other as they reached or exceeded their goals.

It was lovely to sit down over a hearty lunch and talk with the children about their Pioneer experiences. All the feedback was very positive. During the break we returned to the lodge and I was very impressed with how tidy the children’s rooms were.

The afternoon consisted of trust games on the low ropes and archery challenges before sitting down to enjoy a dinner of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli followed by sponge and custard!

After dinner it was time for the children to visit the shop and take a shower. I said my farewells at 7pm as the children and staff left for the evening disco entertainment! I really enjoyed my day with the year 6 children and it was a privilege to be part of their residential experience. I look forward to hearing how the rest of their week goes and looking through the hundreds of photos that will come back with them!!


WR Soccer run a club at Bampton CE Primary School on Fridays from 3:15 to 4:15pm. They asked us to share a video with you showcasing some of the great work they do with children.

They have space available still on Fridays, you can choose to book for a term, half term or on an ad-hoc basis. A booking form is available below the video.

WR Soccer Letter and Booking Form

Monday 12:15: sixteen very excited children (and three equally excited adults) entered the Baffin Lodge at the Pioneer Centre. Everyone was keen to unpack, have lunch and start the afternoon activities (not necessarily in that order!).

The first experience was the high ropes; we were split into two teams and tackled climbing skills, heights, a leap of faith and abseiling: all whilst being safely attached to a harness and rope!

The second experience before dinner was inside caving which consisted of a maze of tubes, tunnels and obstacles to squeeze through in the dark and in confined spaces. Some helmets had torches and everyone worked together to navigate the two different mazes. Once confident of the layout, the two teams played ‘Chase the Flag’. After a lot of laughing, dirty tactics and blatant lying about where the flag might be (to confuse the opposing team), one team was victorious!

Dinner was delicious; battered chicken, potato wedges and a salad bar followed by ice-cream and sprinkles! Before we could go to bed, we needed to work off our dinner – what better way than to work our way around a room of huge inflatables? A bouncy castle basketball, football and assault course! Everyone was exhausted after bouncing the evening away and relaxing with hot chocolate and tales of the day being shared.

Tuesday: After a good night’s sleep, everyone was excited to see what day two would bring and following  breakfast options of sausage, hash brown, beans, toast, cereal, fruit or yoghurt (which most of us gobbled our way through), a trek turned out to be navigating obstacles whilst being suspended many metres above the ground. The circus skills activities made clowns of us all; experiencing juggling, spinning plates, diablos and juggling sticks.

Lunch was pizza, garlic bread, salad and chocolate cake followed by activities which were going to make us dirty…

High ropes

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Keeping Up with the Children Maths Free 4-week course

Keeping Up with the Children Maths Free 4-week course

Nursery Stay and Play

Nursery Stay and Play
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Experience Easter Week

Experience Easter Week

Experience Easter Week

Experience Easter Week
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Easter Service @ St Mary's Church - all our family and friends welcome

Easter Service @ St Mary's Church - all our family and friends welcome

Easter Concert - all our family and friends welcome

Easter Concert - all our family and friends welcome
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Term 5 starts @ 8:45am

Keeping Up with the Children Maths (Free 4-week course)

Keeping Up with the Children Maths (Free 4-week course)
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Year 2 SATs Assessments throughout May

Year 2 SATs Assessments throughout May
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